Meet Oni

ONI1 squareHi, I’m Oni.

I’m a latchkey kid, tomboy at heart, or at least I was as a child; I often climbed trees and fell out of them, bleeding was always the end result.  I’ve been on my own since I was 17 and somehow found my self in NYC after years on the west coast. Now, I am an imperfect adult human of the female variety, working as a fashion designer by day and writer by night.  I find myself on the forever quest of continuing my happiness in life through humor, sarcasm, writing and other glorious things.  I love to eat, and cook, I love to be creative, I fucking love coffee, and I have a really cool old dog named Denny who follows me around.  Typically it takes more than the click of a mouse to let people in, but I’ve been told a thousand times that I should “Write my story down so I can share it.” and that’s finally what I am doing now.  So welcome random human I may not know, this is the beginning of me sharing my odd, sad, lovely, amazing, compelling story.  Hi.

I believe.

As humans I believe we should live in the existence of our feelings be them glorious, happy, sad or painful.  It is in this place of vulnerability that allows us to see whom we are, the things that we need as people to live, grow and be our most beautiful selves.  It took me a long time to realize that, it took me a long journey, a crazy childhood and even some heartaches of sorts. I feel the need to share my story because it could help other people that have lived or not lived in moments of pain themselves. It was only after existing in pain through parts of my life and coming through to the other end ultimately stronger that I realized I was in actuality bending further into the resistance of my emotions vs. living in them and growing from them.  I strive off of knowing that every moment leads to a better moment; there is no such thing as a bad story or experience because ultimately it leads you to your strongest self if you allow it.

WTF is this blog anyway?

Rude, we just met.

This blog is the beginning of my story as a writer, and my journey as a new author as I explore the next steps of my book that I just finished.  I will be providing some insight into my book, chapters that may or may not have made it into the most recent draft as well as thoughts of mine in regards to life, politics and things that intrigue me. (A touch on that compelling story I mentioned above)

And if you stopped by just to look at pretty pictures well, there won’t be any, but I can mail you a copy of National Geographic if you want to pay for shipping.

All feedback is welcome, and so are you.


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