Double Decker.

I had another topic for this weeks post all together, it was done and written, completely unrelated. But in light of the worlds occurrences yesterday I have to speak in regards to the events that took place in Virginia.

I am currently on the top level of a double decker bus, on my way back to NYC from a weekend in the country. It was relaxing, refreshing and pulled me out of my forever state of go-go-go. But the thing about reality these days is that everything is so available and available immediately. Thoughts, news, actions be them scary or subtle, the world is at our finger tips whether we like it or not. What surprises me is when people utilize this for social media but not to educate themselves on what’s actually happening in the world.

I’ve had conversations with people over the past few years where they think “racism doesn’t exist”, or “it’s part of the past.” Which is sad because that could not be further from the truth. Listen to NPR, watch CNN, watch a documentary and you know that’s total bullshit. I’m sure there are friends of mine tired of seeing me posting things about how angry I am that Philando Castile was shot in front of his child and girlfriend in his car for no reason, or that Trump doesn’t acknowledge LGBT pride or that our governments education system is screwed up…. but I don’t care. Some things will never be ok, and one of those things is racism. In order to be a country that moves forward we have to respect and treat one another equally.

Yesterday in Virginia there was a white supremacist rally that was of course faced with a wall of protesters. One of the white supremacists decided to drive his car through the crowd of people hitting several and killing one woman. I won’t mention his name because he doesn’t deserve the attention.

Hate ensues more hate.

Hurt ensues anger.

And sadly there are people that hate other people because their skin color is not the same as theirs, because they were raised in generations of hate, and that creates more hate, and sadly on Saturday someone defending equal rights against that hate was killed because of it.

Now this makes me enraged, and that’s what it should do, but the only thing I can do about it so that I don’t go on a rage spin is write about how fucked up that is and how as humans we have to do better.

We have to do better.

I grew up in an interracial home, my sister who is my heart is black. I made it my job to educate myself and understand hardships that other ethnicities experience because not only is that my job as a citizen of a country that was built on the back of slaves and immigrants but it’s my job as someone who loves people dearly that are of another race.

This is what we are killing each other for. This is what we are enraged for. Race. So every time someone says to me “racism no longer exists” I am sure to tell them how ignorant they are because it’s our jobs to make this world better and in order to do so we have to make ourselves better first.

So please do better humans. Read a book, ask a friend, travel, watch the documentary “13th”, listen to NPR, form an educated opinion. Do not be the idiot that says “racism doesn’t exist” be the person that’s willing to have a conversation about it. With out these conversations we are no better than the people spewing hate because we are sitting by watching it happen with out asking: why?

So tonight as you lay in bed I hope you do some research instead playing Candy Crush or liking mindless photos on Instagram.

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