My book is finally done.

In 2017 I had many goals, some of which moved and shifted, as life seldom gives us the heads up to the challenges that we may face.  Regardless of general busyness, work, travel and the like, I had one goal that firmly stayed intact and that was to finish my book.  Two days after Christmas... Continue Reading →

Aziz An-sorry.

So that leads me to ask, what constitutes as assault? Are we indeed responsible for the emotions of other humans that we decided to engage with? Is it assault if you put yourself back into harms way, if you don't say no given the chance?


Today is the first of January, it’s 4pm and I’m still in bed, I have 2 layers of pants on and I’m clutching warm tea like it’s my life force.

What is a happy ending?

I used to measure happiness as something that you had to gain, something that you got to at the end of a line, at the end of a relationship or the end of a career. But happiness is not the end of anything, it's the beginning of everything.

The Wedding, part dos.

The wedding reception was as glorious as they come. Everyone from the groom’s mother, to the college friends, to the brides sister was lit. Their eyes sparkled in the dark, in remembrance of their momentary wedding sobriety, in the joy of being free and celebrating love.

How NYC changed me.

When I first moved to NYC on the record cold day of the year I was oddly prepared as I had purchased snow boots, a down coat and a leather jacket even before any jobs offers came because something in my gut told me I'd be moving there.


I ate snails, drank Rose' before dinner, dined alone, accepted roses from romantic strangers, attempted at my best (worst) french while continuously exploring and getting lost, or finding(myself) something beautiful. I loved France.

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